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Tajwer Shakir

I have done Masters in English Linguistics and Literature. At present I am a freelance book reviewer and editor at different international forums. I have been a fond reader since childhood and this passion has led me to pursue writing professionally too as a side career. I provide and write quality reviews to the books. I also provide my services for guest blogs articles. I like to write about relationships and literary topics. Writing is a vast field so I am trying to write on variety of genres. Poetry is my speciality as well. Besides, I like writing personal essays in order to attract the readers attention. Having experience in teaching creative writing and in editing I feel comfortable in creating different but catchy articles even on simple topics. So for those who like to read on novels, poetry, music, movies, seasons and some relationship advice they are welcome to follow me here. I believe in variety being a spice of life so I present myself to provide a quality literary flavored pieces of creative writing. As originality and uniqueness are appreciated here, so I try to create really original and innovative articles & poems. I believe only a good reader can appreciate the quality in the writing. So if you are looking for different genres then I am the kind of writer for your reading taste!