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maria erika amour recabo

Hi Reader. Im a working student to help my single parent mother, and so that i can finish my college course that i really wany. By writing i express my stress in life, family or everything that may come up and it helps a lot especially i have a rare disease and stress is not allowed. For me writing is something that everyone have, but sometimes its scared every person to share it because of judgment everywhere.

I remember what my great grandmother said to me when i was still young "Never let anyone put you down just because your slow at it, make the best of it.", that saying gives me everything, the courage to do and experience all adventures that might help me through life.I tell you dont ever let anyone pull you down, prove to them that you are worth the clap and dont forget pray. Pray for everything that happens it might be good, sad, bad or etc it all happens for a reason, you might not know that reason change you for the very best.