I am a creative soul who enjoys writing, drawing, photography, and cooking.

In my writings you will see that i have a tendency to write about many different topics. It's because I don't have just one particular favorite subject in life. There's just too much out there! Some people may see that as being random, scatter brained, and unfocused. However, I see it as having an open mind to all the many things in life.

I am a born and raised military brat; my father served in the United States Air Force. This is the part of my life where I gained majority of my experience to be open and different; because it gave me an opportunity to have exposure to many types of people, environments, cultures, ideas, and opinions that this world carries.

My reason for being on Hub is to share my random nonsense thoughts that make StylezInk. I also enjoy reading what others have to say and answering a few request. Oh, and I also like to share and swap recipes.