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Steven Taylor

I was brought into the world on June 26,1976, in Upstate New York. My early years were filled with your average childhood dreams. I wanted to be both Hulk Hogan and a pilot of one of the Voltron Lions. Neither would come to pass. As a youth I spent the majority of my time in the equally failed and futile attempt at becoming the 5'6" reincarnation of Larry Bird.

My professional career includes both an eight year commitment in the United States Marine Corps, and almost twenty years in the restaurant industry. Both taught me invaluable life lessons, but neither gave me the creative satisfaction that I desperately yearned for.

After spending my life frantically searching for my one true calling, I have found it in the click of a keyboard. Five years ago I wrote my first article for a class, and from there on I was hooked. This past year I have published my first novel and the second one will be out hopefully by this time next year. In preparation for both the novel and other endeavors, I am the proud co-founder of the sports blog site, and co-host of its flagship internet radio show 87live! 

I am excited to be part of the HubPages community and look forward to hopefully entertaining some, and enlightening all.