Namasthe! Welcome to my hub! I have a Masters in Marketing and am an ex-banking professional.I am a certified NLP Master Coach. Self transformation and Self healing is something that I resonate with deeply. This took me on a journey to learn and apply NLP, EFT, Bach Therapy, Accupressure, Hypnosis, Memory and Creativity and Storytelling. This I couple with my interest in the Ancient Indian Sciences. I am always looking for the essence and the point where these new age sciences merge with the age old. The cusp in everything deeply interests me.

I am an eternal learner and teacher. Nothing gives me more joy and happiness. kids and family do. Like a butterfly, I attempt to draw the best and learn from each situation and relationship regardless of whether it be trivial or significant.

Writing is a passion,a profession,a therapy, medium of self expression and self exploration and an outlet all rolled into one. If not writing, you would find me singing or indulging in some art form,cooking or reading.

In this space I would like to provide exercises, tips, tricks,tools,techniques to make self growth fun and effortless. And also share all that touches my soul. Sometimes, I just want to be irreverent and not talk about anything in particular.

I am excited to be connecting with lots of interesting souls and maybe walk together for a while.