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Soumyashri Chaudhuri

I am Soumyashri Chaudhuri, 13 years old. I read in class 6 and I really love writing stories. So, I thought of opening this acount so that I can give others a chance to read my stories. I love reading story books too, and this at first influenced me to write stories of my own. I think my way of writting stories has slowly improved and slowly it has turned to be my favourite hobby!

I have slowly created a position of mine in my school magazine and have got a chance to publish my article over there. Then I also got chances to write my stories and articles beyond the boundaries of my school.

All these encouraged me to open my hubpages account and write my stories.

Usually I write either adventure or mystry stories, but sometimes I also write moral, fairy-adventure or either some incidents which had happened in my life. I am all very excited to publish all my articles and stories in hubpages and I hope you all would like it.

Please share your opinions and views with me so that I can be encouraged to continue writing more stories and articles.