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My family and I have a miniature schnauzer named Diego (page mascot). His favorite thing to do during the day is follow the sun around. It's his mission in life. I was working from home one day and watched him move from the middle of the couch to the arm of the couch and finally down on the floor as he inched closer and closer to the window. Eventually it was time for him to switch sides of the house as the sun began to show up at the opposite window. He knew where the sun was going and he just followed it around. I think that’s a great picture of what the Christian life should be. When Jesus called His disciples, he said “Follow me.” That invitation is ours as well. So the question is, where is Jesus heading and are we tagging along?

Mike Shoemake is a former worship leader and youth minister who grew up as the son of an Army chaplain. He lives in Alpharetta, GA with his wife and son.