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Shyron E Shenko


I am a child of God; a wife; mother;  grandmother; great grandmother;  sister; niece (all aunts and Uncles now expired,) I am an aunt; cousin; and to many a friend.


I became interested in writing when I was a child, and use to write poems and the desire to write was strengthened while working as Staff Writer for the town's newspaper of record. The editor would say "if you ever get newspaper ink in your blood, you will never want to do anything else". I did not get ink in my blood, but I did get the urge to write more and loved working there.


Then the newspaper went out of business as a result of the editor's failing health. After the newspaper closed I held a number of positions (mostly contract jobs) none of which gave me the chance to write.


Then my friend Au fait suggested that I read her HUB, and maybe start writing my own HUBs, and, here I am at a loss for words for my profile, but I will give writing my best shot!

At the present I am unemployed as my contract ended at the end of this past July. I had been working in a call center for the local phone company in my home town.