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Shyam Gokarn

It was my continuous quest to come out of my insecurity and apprehension to build my meaningfulself-assured life, since my age of ten and I went through that search till today. The hidden meaning surely made me search for the truth, which I thought will not remain hidden for long. Yes, I’ll have to accept that I completely understood the real meaning of life and the Real Purpose of our Living with Self-Confidence.

It took me thirty long years to sustain that object of longing and to nurture it. To me, writing was one extended angelic event, and I did not find substance in the genuineness of any other joyful ways. Having a drawback of limited resources, I flawed many times. It was my struggle to find strength in my weaknesses. Ultimately, I did it. Little did I know that a substantive and meaningful part of a major work is still in the making!

Written by: SHYAM GOKARN

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