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I am not a typical Indian home maker.. I goggled myself is tech-sevvy, I am a people pleasure, I like to bring a smile on people face. My strength are good communication, problem solver, goal oriented. My weakness I can't say 'No' to people, I believe that I am quite open direct & straight forward in my approach, I think I get a bit emotional at times. I am strong believer of the saying that action speaks louder than words, which simply saying that you do something. I regards my parents as my true source of inspiration, but unfortunately now father is not with me as he passed away.. But my mother... She is the most honest, considerate & an intelligent person I have ever come across in my lyf.. Including me my family consists of 4 members, my husband is a service man by profession.. I have 2 monster kids.. Elder one is doing mass communication and doing his internship and 2nd one is still studying in junior class( actually they both have 12 years age gap between).

In my free tym I like to curl up in corner with a cup of coffee and of course a good book.

Well that was just a brief summary of myself so far.. however if you would like to know any further details I've be glad to share it.