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Trice Morgan

I am a single, 30 something woman in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, who is raising a tribe of children, educated and a writer. I was something close to married for close to eight years but quickly learned that he was not the prince I believed him to be. I had to leave that relationship for my own sanity and the welfare of my children. While he and I had a tumultuous relationship, I learned a lot and was blessed with hope that the next person who came into my life would be better. Well let’s just say that dating with children is not easy. Finding love, companionship without the societal stigma associated with women who have children attached makes you have not only have to have thick skin but also a great sense of humor. If you do not, men and women will make you rethink the idea of becoming a reclusive hermit. I guess I am going to let you into my life and thoughts. This is for your entertainment and my sanity. What is it like dating when you have more then 2.5 children? Can damaged people find love? Does waxing hurt if you have pushed out five watermelons? Is sex worth it, really? When is it a good time to introduce your children to your new boo? Should you ever do that? Can blended families work? How can you budget and support your family while navigating your ex’s new relationships, visitation, co-parenting and trying to live your best life?

I’ve missed composing my own lyrical symphonies and to be honest I have written in years. I guess this is just my way of having a diary, showing people my personal story and maybe someone out there can learn something about their selves. Sharing my poetry and maybe providing you with some of my thoughts. Everyone has a different story and all stories can relate to each other. I want to give you mine.