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Sequoia Coleman

Hello I am Sequoia, I'm a teache in early education . I have my degree in Human Development and have been working with children for the past 7 years. I enjoy working with children because you can teach them to become good humans, and help their physical and mental development. I also have a background in customer service.

I love writing because it helps me escape my reality. It can be an outlet to express myself or, to come up with new ideas to motivate myself to get things done. What I am interested in writing about is his how to correct a childs behavior with poaitive guidance, and giving new mothers advice on their child's development. I also want to speak on depression and help others get through dark times in their lives. Having suffered from depression myself, I think it would be helpful to others to share my story and support one another. My other interest are art, muic, food, and traveling.