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Lisa Tippette

Profile Updated - 02/20/19

Personal profile - Creative by nature, I love writing, photographing nature, visiting the beautiful N.C. Crystal Coast and doing anything that gets my creative juices flowing! By day, I'm a self-employed website designer and social media consultant for small and local businesses in Eastern N.C. and the U.S.

Never having children of our own, my husband of 25 years and I embrace our childless existence and enjoy spending time at our little slice of heaven at the beach, or just riding the ATV through the woods of our beautiful little country paradise we call home, along with our very spoiled and adored, rescued "boxador", Bubba!

I enjoy gardening (flower and veggie), decorating, nature photography, shopping and just relaxing with a good glass of red wine - chianti being my favorite, and a piece of dark chocolate - Ghiradellie Sea Salt with Almonds!

I have been hubbing off and on for a few years, but when I was much younger, we just used to call it "journaling". I still enjoy expressing myself through the magic of words, although finding time to do so is challenging these days!

I have written and self-published three Christian romance novels - Broken Dreams and Answered Prayers, Letting Go: Emily's Homecoming, and Heart in a Bottle, all of which can be found on, or my personal blog,

I appreciate all who read and/or comment on my hubs, and value your input. You will find my writings to be diverse, touching on a variety of interests and life experiences. I hope my words will serve you well! Thanks for reading!