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Ioannis Arvanitis

I was born in Volos, a beautiful city in Greece, back in 1968.

I grew up in a small town of the Greek countryside called Almyros (that means "salty"). I learned to love nature an all the beings as I was blessed to live in a place surrounded by mountains, forest, and blue sea! So I learned to love God and everything in His creation.

I have been writing stories and fairy tales since I was a little boy, stories that I shared with my friends, and then they asked for more. So I realised that writing was my fate and my joy!

Growing up, I realized the second need of my soul: to learn how the world "is working". So I studied Physics at the University of Athens, and I have been teaching science ever since.

I am a traveler of the Light and a chaser of dreams. I travel in the Mystic worlds, writing my adventures.

I am blessed to be the father of four wonderful boys and the life-companion of a fantastic woman; we have been together since our childhood!

Through my studies and my experiences in life, I realized this:

Love is the answer to any question!