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Saverio Lumia

Hi everyone,

My name is Saverio, and I am a part-time high school and museum teacher. My hobbies include reading science fiction novels, listening to music, dancing, and of course writing poetry. I began writing poems when I was 13 years old. My first poem was inspired by my eldest niece, who was born in 2001. It is that poem that was published in a poetry anthology called Over the Mountain Top. A handful of my original poems were also published in my high school's poetry collection called Sun & Moon. Oh, how time flies! 17 years later, I am still writing poems. What inspires me you may ask? Heartbreaking relationships, death/bereavement, lust, love, friendships, sex, and mental health just to name a few. I am also inspired by popular music and various types of mythology. My poems come from the heart, and often the words just come to me. Some poems are short, whereas others are long. Some rhyme, some do not. I am very flexible, and do not follow a specific layout. I hope you enjoy reading my poems, because I have definitely enjoyed writing them.