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Greetings! I am Sara Shahid. I am a Civil Engineer, a Blogger, a wife and above all the mommy of two little cutie pies. Most commonly, our Profession and Passion run on different lines. ‘Grit’ is the main ingredient that keeps our passion alive. Some tasks seem to be difficult but it becomes easier when it is done voluntarily. The passion will ultimately pay you back in terms of love, satisfaction, peace, and joy. “Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession”. Gabrielle Bernstein. I have started my journey just a few years back. After facing so many hurdles, I remain enthusiastic to achieve my daily goals. Blogging is not the one day process. It is the continuous phase of enhancing the knowledge and art of playing with words to convey your ideas to your audience. Continue learning, competence and determination help you to achieve a high degree of excellence. I always believe; a calm sea does not make a skilled sailor. Be creative and originate a fascinating story. Take purposeful actions and make better decisions to make your long-term goals become reality. Come. Stay in touch with me to know how a small gesture of appreciation brings out a big positive change in my personality and how I admire my originality with “I CAN DO” attitude. My blog is all about highlighting the social issues, personal experiences, the legends of my country, splendid places and different occasions celebrated in my homeland and much more. Join me for more thought-provoking blogs.