Salty Mick says: I am both a literal and metaphorical surfer who also likes traveling, philosophising, playing and performing music, drinking beer and life in general (don't we all?). In recent years I've begun writing Political Satire and commentary in the forlorn hope that at least one person will be swayed by my arguments in favour of a better, safer, healthier and FAIRER world.

Most of my early Hubs are a blow by blow account a 2005/06 Road trip around Australia. It begins in Sydney, goes south to Melbourne and Tasmania, thence back to Sydney and north to Cairns, continuing anti-clockwise around the continent. Each section is consecutively numbered (based on the chronology of the trip), but each is also a free-standing story of the particular place and time in which it is set. The journal was written as it happened so the reader, like me, experiences events as they unfold. It's a personal travelogue too, which I hope evokes the sights, sounds, feelings and sensations of a long road trip around a vast continent.

In 2011-12, my partner and I made our biggest trip to date - an 12 month overland journey from England to Australia. Well, it's not all overland, we did take a couple of short flights in the course of the 25,000 mile excursion, the most important one being from East Timor to Darwin in Australia. I hope to publish a few Hubs relating to this trip but as you may imagine, it's a daunting task - I will keep trying.