Nikhil Sharma

I'm a freelance technical writer, certified digital marketer, and wanna-be technopreneur.

Raised in different parts of India.

I love writing and consuming various technology content. From smartphone trends, productive apps, to software reviews and tips, technology flows through all my nerves.

As a writer and digital marketing enthusiast, my mission is to connect with 200,000 tech enthusiasts from India and build a system to spread awareness about the effective usage of technologies.

However, apart from technology, I like reading and writing anything that interests me. Whether it's about self-motivation, career building, health, and psychology, or any other subjects.

When I'm not reading or writing, you will find me watching movies and web series. PS. I'm a fan of Money Heist aka La Casa de Papel!

Feel free to write to me about anything related to technology, movies, or just life in general. I would be happy to have a meaningful conversation with you.

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