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Rosana Clarkson

I am a published author who has previously written for Storyteller Magazine, Yahoo Contributor Network, Canyon News, and San Francisco News. I feel it my mission to touch on slice-of-life topics that I feel are not addressed enough in society and strive to promote awareness and education about complicated, misunderstood issues (such as mental illness, the dynamics of domestic violence, etc.) in order to counter the many myths, misconceptions and stigmas that I believe have surrounded them for far too long. Of course, to prevent my readers from killing themselves in despair, I occasionally address topics that aren't so heavy and serious, such as recommendations for what to name your child...and what not to. I also do what I can to advocate for animal causes, and, on occasion, offer tips about how to deal with stress, social issues, and all the psychopathic individuals in your life. Currently, I'm studying writing at Institute For Writers, (formerly known as Long Ridge Writers' Group), have been a baptized Jehovah's Witness since the end of 2007, given all credit for my happiness and success to Jehovah God, have believed that only because of my relationship with my Heavenly Father that I've been inspired and encouraged to reach my dreams, no matter how impossible or crazy they have seemed, and I hope my articles will inspire and encourage others to do the same...but, now that I am an Ex-Jehovah's Witness who is happy to have escaped from this religious cult and all of its mania I am just chillin' over here in L.A., enjoying life as a JW apostate and I respect everyone's right to believe in whatever cockamamie phony baloney mumbo-jumbo their hearts so desire.