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Noor ki ek boond. A drop of the Ocean of Love.

I am a simple human being. Who was living a mundane human life. Struggling through issues life poses. Since childhood was fond of writing. But never published anything. Just kept filling pages after pages, full of yearning.

And then came a huge turn in my life. I was never religious to begin with. Nor my parents forced me into any kind of worship. But I was deeply spiritual since childhood. Trying to talk to ONE SINGLE GOD. Who my heart believed is above all. My life took serious turn after many mishaps. And spirituality became my only existence. I went through many scriptures. Including Quran, Bible, Guru Granth Sahib and few Hindu scriptures. I only found unity in every thing. That they all are essentially telling us one and same thing.

The Spiritual Realms inside our own consciousness for me are only reality. Walking the path to "Know Myself". And extricating my soul from this physical illusion. My written words took drastic turn. For what ever is inside reflects outside. Stumbled accross this site for writers. Introduced by a sister. I felt i can at least store my words here. So sharing what ever i learned with all of you lovely souls here. I will be honoured if esteemed writers like youselves. Can overlook my amateurish attempts. And look beyond weak attempts towards yearning, learning and awakening of this soul wants to convey.

I will look forward towards your feedbacks and helping hands to teach me to express myself more completely. More beautifully. There seems to be an ocean inside me. Which haven't yet been tapped completely. Help me let that ocean loose.... outside, with all of you.