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Romney Charles Tabara

The best way I can introduce my hub pages would basically be to introduce myself, I am Mr Romney Charles Tabara.

I was born in Daru in the Western province of Papua New Guinea and grew up there before moving to Port Moresby with my parents when I was about 3 years old.

My father is from the Oro province and of the Binandere tribe. My name Romney is the Christian name of my paternal grand fathers elder brother, the chief Sorceror or Kai embo of the village and the one of the last to come out of the Jiwari Oro (Men’s House) before it was out-lawed by the Anglican church.

I graduated from the University of Papua New Guinea with degree in Psychology after graduating I enlisted in the Royal PNG Constablulary serving the Constabulary for 6 Years before returning to do an MBA at UPNG and returning leaving and to joining the civilian life in corporate PNG in various HR and Corporate management roles in the Government.

In short that is me, my hubs are all about promoting Papua New Guinean culture, charecteristics, work place culture, places and people. We are a unique group of people tucked away to the North of Australia, we are not quite Asian and I believe definitely charecteristically NOT from the Pacific we strive to find our unique place in this fast developing world.

My Hubs promote PNG Insticts which are unique charecterisitics or attribultes that have been developed and refined over time. These instincts are uniquely Papua New Guinean and can only be appreciated by those who have lived some or part of their life in PNG and have grown to love this unique country and what it stands represents.

Thank you all and hope you enjoy reading these articles