Rolly A Chabot

Thank you ever so much for finding your way to this page when you consider the vastness of the Internet and all it has to offer. It really is a small world when you think of what we have at our fingertips these days.

They tell me I should share something about myself and what brought me here.

First I was born and raised here in Alberta Canada in my youth. I have worked many trades and occupations which have opened the door for me to travel and see this great continent over the years. Canada has been my primary home mainly in the far reaches of the north. Many would say the land of ice and snow and they would be close in some ways. Some would consider igloos and dog teams and they would be partially right in the very far north. Myself I lived in the Yukon, a next door neighbour to Alaska.

The north afforded me the many adventures lost to man in the south. Any man can be successful if he chooses to place himself out there. I bought a dying company and managed to bring it back and become very successful. The sale of this company allowed me many years of simply living in the land and experiencing it fully. My travels took me far back into the wilderness of the Yukon often many miles away from man where I achieved complete solitude and peace in nature. My only company was my faithful rescue dog Tannis.

Since leaving the north I have again settled into the southern lifestyle in Alberta. I have just recently retired and now spend my time writing fulltime. I have 26 books and novels I have written. The first seven I have called "Quiet Reflections." They are somewhat of an autobiography of those years where I lived in the vastness and wilderness of the true north. The Yukon will always hold a place close to my heart as she taught me many things. She is not one to give up her secrets easily but once found you come away a better man. A good friend a helicopter pilot would drop me into the most remote locations where I would live for weeks on end with no contact with the outside world. Just nature, man and his dog surviving what ever happened upon me. It was a free life and one I loved.

The next 19 novels are of the Christian/Fiction genre. It is a wonderful escape to write in a fiction format and yet still able to share true life experience of the many who have crossed my path with the reader.

I would love to some day return to the many places I have written about and yet I fear I would lose the lure of the north in the modern society I would see there today. Age would never allow me to do the things I never thought twice about at one time. It seems as though many injuries of the past have now become a reminder of who I was.

Since coming south I have drifted a fair amount but have settled as well the last few years and at peace with where I find myself. I married 8 years ago, ran a very successful Landscape Design company and have recently moved to a small community of 3500.

So this is where I find myself today, retired or shall I say refired into a new lifestyle. I value people and relationship. I love people and what they can teach.

I have many hobbies and interest which often lead back to nature. Fly Fishing, drifting down a river, photography, hiking, woodcarving and taking all that nature can offer. Have I done some crazy things in life. When asked if I would I change anything. The answer would have to be a resounding "No" as it has given me great peace in sayng its been a good life.

So with that said I welcome you to a place I call "The Fireside" May your time here be filled with love and peace. The door is always open and above all please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion.

If you like you can visit me at the link below. Rolly A. Chabot- Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle copy