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Ruairidh Gillespie

This man is a great believer in truth. He has a partner and family, but it doesn't define him in totality, though it is important- (see The End). He is a very keen musician, but lacks time these days to pursue guitar learning and mandolin. He writes regularly and wants to become a professional writer, part-time at first, full time later. He is a pagan by nature, Buddhist by choice, or the bits he wants to cherish are chosen.

He feels that mystery, and the Mystic side of life, are an irresistible draw, and have been all his life, although he still tries hard to deny it all. He has an education, and has been an academic, but has left all that behind.

Earning a living consumes a great deal of his energy, when writing is all he wants to do- if that were to earn him a living, his life would be complete. Finally, poetry was always his first love, but now he has branched out into short story, non-fiction article writing for magazines, creative non-fiction, novel (YA market, currently writing fantasy fiction), and play- or script- writing- one script is complete, another is on the way.

He loves languages, speaks fluent French, used to teach it and English too, speaks some Tagalog, better at conversational Cantonese, has a smattering of Mandarin, speaks passable German, has rusty Spanish. Other languages float around in bits and pieces.

Writing reviews of others' work is also undertaken, regularly, as well as written work commisioned by others. He has been published, and has been involved with Spoken Word events in public many times over 33 years, some acting when younger, as well as playing and singing with the guitar- mainly folk and instrumental trad folk, and is a member of the Federation of Writers, Scotland, the Scottish Association of Writers, and has rather a large allotment where he grows fruit and veg every year for fun and to feed the family with organically-produced crops.

The End... Almost....

He loves to laugh as often as possible at life's ironies, as well as the foolishness of politicians and world leaders. He hates overbearing authoritarianism in any form.

By nature he is a socialist, and believes in a republican society devoid of feudalism and royalty..... but could always debate the odds on most things he believes, and be open to Change. He loves his family. With a natural love of That Which Endures. Women he feels passionate about, but inevitably they Drive Him Mental. He has two, one is a wife, the other is a daughter. A son completes the picture, and describes the Chinese concept of the Phoenix and the Dragon, intertwined: Double Happiness. The Son is a Great Heart. The Daughter is a Priceless Gem.

Above all, he believes in karma. And Impermanence. Thus he is intrinsically a Nomad.