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Robert Henry Ditmore MA MEd

Robert is a trained historian, former world traveler, student of the Holy Scriptures, retired soldier, and aspiring writer who desires to present quality content while pairing his life experiences with relevant insight from scripture. Occasionally he shares formal historical research encompassing a variety of historical genre.

Recipient of the following academic degrees: A.S. English and Literature, B.S. History, M.A. History, M.Ed. Teaching and Learning History. Served ten years in the United States Navy, retired from the United States Army in 2009 after 24 years combined service. Former Texas Law Enforcement officer and EMT

All HUBs are original and, as nearly as possible, presented from a biblical worldview. It is Robert’s greatest desire his writings might lead others to a closer relationship with the Lord. Furthermore, he hopes that from his life experiences and insight others might gain some helpful knowledge regarding scripture, history, politics, and life in general.