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Robert Beyer

Before becoming a freelance writer, I sold bread for Bimbo Bakeries. I have found that I truly enjoy writing. There are so many different topics to research, and I really love to learn new things. Which can get me into trouble because I may go in depth on a subject when I should be writing.

I live in Federal Way Washington, which is located south of Seattle. I enjoy gardening, fantasy sports and writing.

I enjoy gardening because there is a challenge to making your garden flourish. The first couple of years that I worked my garden I had a lot of success, Struggles come like everything in life, and then gardening becomes how you adapt.

I discovered that I could write when I went back to school. I had to write papers and I was fairly successful at it, so when I stopped working at Bimbo I started freelance writing, I have discovered that I love to write, and outside of falling a sleep at my desk I can do it all day.

I have published a book called The Lost Job. It is a thriller novel, and I hope to continue writing more books.