I called myself as a soul poet and a song writer of my own thoughts and feelings.But never publish any.Until a day in 2009,a huge flood swept out my city including all my collections and my old typewriter.For long years,I lost my courage to take my pen. Till again, in one moment. I found my soul writing, in another land, where there is no flood of water, but life flooding of challenges and hopes,tears and joy and all those experiences that become an ink for my dying pen and encourage me to write once again. An old soul poet, that's how I call myself, I believe that poem and song is a magical way of expressing what I truly desire in my heart. Thoughts and feelings that can be blended in through the magical words coming out from the soul to pen, and once the ink kisses the paper that lying underneath the heart... as it embosses the feelings letter by letter. It cannot lie. It become the language of the soul. The purest words that heart could ever speak . The most innocent meaning we could express. The most magical way of art. The one that is written by an old soul writer.