Renee Abbott

Jasmine Renee has been a professional spiritual counselor, psychic, tarot, and other metaphysical areas for over forty years. Currently, she retired from that to pursue the dream of the Hippie Ghost Band and hers, to build An Artistic Field of Dreams, aka Woodstock communities. She is a Ho’oponopono practitioner. While the dead musicians and poets do automatic typing through her on a website, she is returning to do blogging on Hub pages.

Jasmine Renee's blogs fall into two categories. 1. She blogs on metaphysical topics, manifesting, and self-empowerment. 2nd, Jasmine, with the okay from those who she channels, is blogging on the 'light side' of mediumship and the funny moments she shares with the dead musicians, poets, artists, and other dead entities.

Jasmine also is an author. Her genre is paranormal fantasy. She is currently working on the 2nd book of the Spirit Sage.