Over the river and through the woods into the land of Oz.Add a hint of Tabasco Sauce, some onions, denominational religious conflict, political despair, highlighted with a touch of sarcastic humor and you've got the beginnings of where my mind could be on drugs.Eliminate the drugs, and who knows what's in store.

I was one of those kids that used to go to the library on Monday, check out three books, return them on Friday, and get two more for the weekend.The librarian knew me so well that she finally started allowing me to check out books from the adult side of the library when I was in sixth grade because I had run out of things to read on the kids side of the building.Then came high school in the 60's, sports, and political/ racial unrest experiences.Radio broadcasting, military, various business careers intermixed with stand-up comedy, back to business.Music, venomous reptiles, political analysis, and motivational self help publications filled in the free time, not to mention raising a family.

From Rhode Island to Indiana to Europe to the Mid East to New York to Chicago to Alabama and finally Kentucky, my experiences have enhanced my life and broadened my perspectives.Yet, I've always felt the loner even though I've never lacked for friends.

To travel into the realm of writing once again is like coming home.The trance starts and the keys depress, and I enter into a world created either by imagination, life's travels, or experiences past.Yet, before running the 100 yard dash, one must first remember how to take baby steps.Time is on my side, at least for now.

And remember, "You can't do it if you don't attempt it."

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