I was born in Denver, Colorado on December 5, 1933 about 7:15PM, which happens to be the day Prohibition ended - the State of Utah cast the deciding vote at about 4:00PM to ratify Amendment 21 to the US Constitution, which repealed Amendment 18.

Retired in 1996 from an aerospace company, Retired again in 2010 from an environmental remediation company.  Reside in Westminster, Colorado with my wife Mimi, a very fine artist.  Between us we have 5 adult children, 15 grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren.

I have a limited college education which was interrupted by Uncle Sam who had a need for me to wear some of his army clothes for a couple of years.  Spent most of that time in Puerto Rico.  Lived in Colorado for most all of my life, except for the time I spent in army clothes, and a couple years in Southern California post army.

Most of my adult working years were spent in the fields of contract administration and/or purchasing.  In my younger years I coached both football and baseball.  In my later years I took up acting and have appeared in numerous local productions.

I have managed to acquire opinions on many subjects such as politics, religion, relationships, and family to name a few.  In the process of acquiring these opinions I also experienced many experiences, some good, some very good, and some not so good.  So now within the boundaries of my senility, stubborness, and overall lack of knowing what the hell is going on, I wish to share with whoever is bored enough to read my ramblings.

I have both Irish and Cherokee Indian in my heritage.  I use each to the extreme whenever the occasion presents itself.  If anyone greets you with "Top O' the mornin to ya", you must always respond with "And the rest of the day to you."

I believe that stress, like guilt, is self-induced.  I believe that the doing is easy, its the deciding that's difficult.  I don't mind the things I know I don't know, but what scares me are the things I don't know that I don't know.  I dislike for people to tell me "Have a nice day" - too iffy - I prefer "Go make a nice day".  My wife says you are what you think.