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Rashmi G

Rashmi wrote her first article for the school magazine when she was 10. Motivated by her maths teacher's encouragement, she would go on to join the school editorial, monthly magazine and win prizes. Two decades later, it would take a pandemic for her to discover the joy she derives from writing and how it calms her buzzing mind.

She has published close to 30 artices in Medium and Vocal. Topics like Mental health, Life, Philosophy, Relationships are her forte.

Rashmi is working as a Business Architect and has set the start of the day for her writing. She is also a post graduate in Remote Sensing.

She teaches basics of English online to children from Chennai, a proud dog mom to her indie Sonu and others on the street.

Always a Harry Potter fan.

She recommends "Love in the times of Cholera" to anyone who would listen.