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Ram Ramakrishnan

Ram, in his perspective:

I was born a human;

Of the average kind, a specimen;

Childhood aspirations were aplenty,

To become a yeoman, a swordsman, a bowman;

And I dreaded perchance becoming

A conman, a doorman or a barman;

Youth had its own delusions and dreamt

Of being an airman, a seaman or a showman;

A few talents raised visions

Of leading a life as a craftsman;

Middle-age found me slotted in a niche

And I rose up the ladder to be a helmsman;

But was otherwise essentially a layman;

At times, to frighten children, a bogeyman; . . .

Then there was a call . . .

And I realized that I was only a point of consciousness and no man;

This insight made me a new man;

I glimpsed a realm that was beyond God and Mammon;

Now, some call me a madman,

While others believe I am a shaman;

Being neither, I am just me, a man.