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September 25th, 2021--This early a.m. brings a wonderful cool breeze that soothes the heat of the summer from--my back porch--this Fall morning left behind.

My kitty-cat 'Baby' is out hunting. He just had his breakfast and is truly not hungry. I am afraid I will get another gift from him. The last gift was a baby squirrel that he had in his mouth. I did not see it because he was smart enough to hold his head down.

The baby squirrel had fun running from room to room while Baby watched with a funny happy look. I finally caught the little thing in a big plastic jug--it was not hurt and happy to get back outside and ran to its mama.

I send 'Best Wishes' to all hubbers--stay safe and happy. Enjoy each season and hang on to the joy of living. This is my Update for September 2021

I am a country girl raised on my grandparents farm until my mother remarried. Life on the farm was my playground. No tree was safe from me climbing it and finding all the squirrel nests hoping to find a baby squirrel to adopt. I had many pets: Butterball my calf, Grunt-Grunt my pig, Mark. Luke and John my cats and my dog Rusty.

Yes, I was a 'Tomboy' who protected my cousins from any issues that could happen on a farm. Life was wonderful in my world because of my Angel Grandmother Knight. She was precious to us all--I still miss her and a piece of my heart went with her. I still talk to her and sometimes I feel her spirit.

Writing and Blogging are two ways to share your poems, short stories, articles and personal opinion on many subjects.

I enjoy communicating with other writers and bloggers from whom I can learn and share my style of writingl.

I believe when we are given something negative like our world is experiencing today with the Pandemic--we are blessed to have a hobby to lift our spirits; helping us feel positive in our world once more.

I enjoy living in the country where the Spanish Moss hangs from the trees and sways in the Florida morning breeze.I wake to the sounds of birds singing and it makes me smile.

I love my cat Baby he adopted me three years ago.He brings me joy and happiness every day with his funny playful ways. Sometimes, he bring me things I do not appreciate, a dead lizard, mouse, bird or a frog. I have to thank him and tell not do that again.

The beauty of the country can soothe any jangled nerves if you only stop and inhale the fresh clean air into your lungs--and then exhale for gift of relaxation. .

I wish a joyful year to all who reads this and may you enjoy each season where you live. Stay well until we talk again--stay safe. And, grab your joy and hang on tight cherishing every second of the time you have with your love ones.

Barbara Purvis


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