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Melanie S Pronia

Author, Mother, Proud Pagan, Melanie lives in Jacksonville, FL with her husband, fellow novelist, John Maycumber. She is the proud mother of a United States Marine, Andrew, and her youngest son, Jarred who is interested in Forensic Science.


Melanie enjoys brewing her own wines and beers. She is a night owl who loves cats and has been writing since she was about 14 years old. You can find her watching horror flicks from the 60’s and 70’s when she’s not pounding out a new book or seeking adventure. She loves to travel and try new foods. Having worked as a Cemeterian, Melanie enjoys visiting cemeteries and historic sites.


A Navy Brat, she is the middle child with an older sister and younger brother whom she is very close to. Melanie’s mom is one of her best friends.