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Pertunia Lehoka

Pertunia Lehoka is a wife and mother of two adult children, a daughter and a son based in Pretoria, South Africa. She is a Speaker, a Mentor, a Relationship Coach, a Business Woman as well as a Researcher.

Her love for the spoken and written words saw her debating in high school, winning a number of speaking competitions. She put her writing dreams on hold after getting married, as she focused on raising her two children and building their very strong characters, while working full time.

Her love for the finer things in life saw her open her first business, selling high end merchandise for the ladies and later opened an Image Impressions Consultancy, an International Trade Consultancy, a Talent Management Agency and later a Marketing and Reputation Management Agency, the latter being her newest addition.

Her business acumen is complemented by her Business and Marketing qualifications, which help her apply all the important basics of trade, thus achieving good results with her businesses. As economic recession affects all industries, her businesses are not impervious, but she always manages to revisit the blue print and pick up the pieces after any downturn. Her second book, which is non-fiction will be released in a few months. She is currently working on the sequel to Providence, the Trilogy and has conceptualised ten more books, which she is also working on.

Being a coach, Pertunia’s mission is to leverage most of her real life experiences to help everyone navigate this life journey, in order to reach their full potential, while working on self-improvement techniques she normally provides in her talks. She always provides tools that her audience will utilize long after her talks are over.

She strongly believes that if people maintain that they need motivation or inspiration, they have already motivated themselves and all she needs to do, is to provide tools that a people might not be aware they have at their disposal. She shows clients, resources that are already inside of them and/or around them.

Her desire is to aid others in finding their passion, purpose and gifts and exposing them to the world for good and not just to live life surviving, but to live life thriving and striving to leave a positive legacy. She would like people to remember that their lives affect others and the imprints they leave on others have to be good as they leave lasting effects.

Pertunia’s delivery style is that of scenarios, as well as parables and a number of personal stories. Her idea is to make sure that her audience can easily identify with the message, connect with it and understand it, thereby able to apply it into their lives.