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Tricia Tipton

I have lived in the "Volunteer State" for 22 years, having moved here with my family in the spring of '89. As an adult, I had gone on a bit of a nomadic tangent for a time. I wanted to get a bigger scope of the country I live in. Prior to that however; in the spring of 2009 I self published my first novel "Circles of Consequence"; a story set in the Cades Cove area of the Smoky Mountains, during the start of the War between the States. A grieving father is caught up in a battle within his person over what he has lost which leaves his teenaged son to accept the brunt of responsibility in their household. The lesson this book projects is that we all make decisions in our lives that can produce good or bad results. There are many other book titles floating around in my head and I do hope that I get to publish at least one more before my time is up.