Pamela Dapples

I am a writer at heart -- just like probably every one who writes on this site -- is. Whatever strikes a chord in me to write about -- I do. The homeless in Hawaii, pencil crayon artists, giant centipedes of Hawaii, rescue dogs, feral cats, MSG, horses in heaven, the importance of family history, the essence and importance of etiquette -- all this and more has at some time struck my heart, so it is now in black print either on this site or in a journal.

I love good wholesome movies and books. Researching my husband's and own family history has been a hobby of mine for almost 42 years. I love to learn about my ancestors.I love to teach and help others with family history research.

P.S. Obviously, the profile photo is a 'beautified' one. My daughter created the photo with technology I had no idea existed. Very fun.