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Pat Materna

I'm an Adventurous kind of gal with a sense of humor, a creative enthusiasm and a zest for life. I have dabbled with writing off and on for years. Discovering HubPages is going to be a new Adventure for me and an opportunity to share some of the things I've learned along my never ending Adventure, known as life.

I have 2 wonderfjul sons and the happiest grandson one could ever be blessed with. My family and friends are the most important aspects of my life and have given me continuous memories.

Some of my many Adventures include Decorating and Painting Treatments and making the most of our stuff by repurposing it, often with craftiness and style. Crafts of many kinds. Event & Retreat planning and Entertaining are passions that bring me endless pleasure and touches lives along my Adventure.

I get intriqued with Paisley print. Don't know why but have always loved it. Paisley reminds me of life ... Colorful and full of Motion.

My favorite quote "Life Is An Adventure, Live It!" is one I penned a few years back and has become my life quest.