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Oscar Jones

Every wave that rolls upon the beach, Every wind that blows by, and every ripple in the stream are part of life, ecology, and creation. Every person who laughs, cries or sings, has within them the spirit of life, a human voice, and is joined to creation. Every dream, every thought and every action has a place and a purpose in the creation. All we need now, and forever is to know the creator!

My writing is about adventure, self-help and life experience; and I believe by sharing, I can change the world around me!

As a child, we traveled across the United States several times. It made me aware of diversity of culture, accents, and other regional factors.

Offering a different perspective, I've learned you are an expert only in what you have personally learned and accomplished. Knowledge alone is redundant without experience. Second-hand knowledge equals second-hand passion. Better is an actual experience, but in failing that, then of course read and exhaust every resource available to you. Stay "Evergreen" in your daily perspective.

Oscar Jones