Oscar Jones

Writing about adventure, self-help and life experience, I am changing the world around me by sharing what I have seen and heard.

As a child, our family moved across the United States several times. It made me see the diversity of each regions culture, the different accents, and other interesting factors.

I offer an extremely personal perspective, having learned you are an expert only in what you have personally learned and accomplished. Knowledge alone is redundant without experience. That second hand knowledge usually equals second hand passion. Better once to see it for yourself, than to read many books and never see it in person. In failing that, then of course read and exhaust every resource avialable to you.

As I get older, I've become interested in what society failed to teach and mentor. I must study things out for myself, and discover more.

Several years ago, I was in the missions field of Alaska. I still have many adventures to write on that subject, as well as flying, fishing, hunting, and raising a family in Alaska. Life does change, so now I present myself in self helps, prose, poetry, song, and stories within literature. I am interested in American history and traditions. I'm very thankful I have two wonderful daughters with writing skills and I hope to see them develop that interest in time. (Rebecca passed away January 4, 2016). Naomi lives in North Pole, Alaska with her husband Shane, and my grandson, Adam

My writings are copyrighted and are available upon request.