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Nikki Khan

Welcome on Nikki Khan’s profile!

Nikki Khan is a painter of words, loves to think and draws her thoughts over paper. Writing is not an easy thing to do, painting of words is an art which requires a deep observation of the things around you.So becoming a renowned author takes lots of time and hard work.

Nikki Khan loves to write whatever attracts her to write in form of words and then lines. And those lines become a story never told before. Nobody is perfect and Nikki isn’t too but people still love her imagery of words which really amazes her so much.

Nikki Khan started her journey of writing long time ago but on hubpages isn’t long ago. Having an English Literature degree really helps her so much to write with perfection. Been on a relations manager job for many years in London has supported her understanding of people’s behaviour and their attitude better which is very handy in creative writing. She found about her passion of creative writing when she started staying home with her kids. Since then she is trying to write and learn writing.

You’d find here fiction, non-fiction, some inspirational poetry and hubs on beauty of nature to bring some positivity towards some negative thoughts in order to succeed in life trials.

Nikki Khan is also working on her first novel which would be published soon on Amazon and in Paperbook.

Thanks for visiting, you’d have much fun here, that’s a promise of a writer.

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God Bless you All!