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N E Wright

I am a fifty-eight year old mother of a seventeen year old son who no longer loves to watch me write on the computer or IPad so he can read what I am working on. He is too busy playing Forte Night, and doing that crazy dance. Lol.

I still love to write!

In college I studied Criminal Justice. Most of my jobs had to do with the Criminal Justice Field for private companies. When I became disabled I knew I had to do something different. I decided to study fiction writing, because creating stories was a passion I have made up and told stories since I was twelve years old.

All in all I have a love for writing articles, poems, novels, ghost writing, and short stories. I write under two Pen Names. N.E. Wright and Fiona Finley for my youth fictional stories. The short short story, The Fight To Heaven by Fiona Finley/Natalie N. Elmore could be found on

During the 2008 Presidential Campaign I was a Citizen Journalist for the formerly named Huffington Post under the Pen Name N. E. Wright.

On The Hubpages I will be mostly writing articles on things I know or have learned from others. You may also see poems, short stories, interview articles, and maybe some novel chapters.

I hope those who read any of my works enjoys them.

Please give me your feed back.

Take Care,