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Neil Sperling

Leading Edge Visionary with Strong Business Knowledge, a Flair for Networking & Marketing plus a Clarity for bringing out the best and "Uplifting"​  others. I've joyfully mentored many people by tapping into higher levels of mind and connection, ushering them along on "their various life paths."​

Using higher levels of mind awareness, I've created and facilitate a series of "Leading Edge"​ seminar/workshops. I say "Leading Edge,"​ as I teach a flexible Science Of Mind​, flowing system, that enhances your people skills, as well as teach you a joy filled approach to life, that will inspire you to tap into "your"​ inner being and break your personal chains. Simply put - "Free Your Passion."​ #FYP  The workshops are designed for the individual, or they can be tailored for corporate settings.  Personal Coaching is also available. Locally in person, by phone, or skype.

Although I have studied many well known Speaker/Trainers,(Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins ,Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Abraham, plus) & for 30+ years I've studied Mind Psychology, Meditation and related topics, my workshops are a totally new approach to personal training. Uplifting, Leading Edge Training like no other.

I am currently in process of launching a Charity Organization that has a huge "fun for all" factor. No doubt the future will unfold in many perfect ways. Forever Forward. 

Now - To my readers fans and friends

To YOUR success.

Love Light and Laughter

Neil Sperling

Home Office:519-583-2721