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Natalie Hedrick

Natalie Hedrick, RegionalMarketing Account Executive: I have more than 15 years of experience as a public relations and marketing professional stemming from nine years of military service as public affairs noncommissioned officer and eight years communications management in the civilian sector. After serving a total of 39 months in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in a senior leader capacity, I have not only honed my proficiency in military public relations and marketing, but also in military leadership and Soldier performance. This extensive history of employment in the realm of communications has molded my interests in health and wellness, medicine, military, and entertainment.

In addition to a marketing and public relations professional, I am also a trained and certified personal trainer and use this to motivate people to live a healthy, active, and ultimately happy life. As part of my “lead by example” strategy as well as a fun hobby, I participate in Obstacle Course Racing. I’ve become stronger both physically and mentally because of this aspect of my life.