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Millicent Okello

Millicent okello is a freelance writer and a teacher who writes about various subjects, including education and creative writing.She loves writing poetry, articles, songs and motivational talks. she believes that she will make you happy with her writing and creativity.Many of her smiles are because of the healthy people around her. Millicent is grateful to be sharing her world with you.

All your dreams can come true and she'll make sure of it. As a reminder, she would ask you to always learn to live in the sunshine where you belong.

Her life is better than her daydreams and that is why she wishes the same for anyone .As for that matter, she'll be Sprinkling kindness everywhere she goes with her writing.

She has a heart in charity. Giving back to the community. Visit her to learn more about her work.

For more information ,you can contact her on