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Miebakagh Fiberesima

I am a Chief Administrative Officer in the service of the Government of the Rivers State of Nigeria.

I have retired from active civil service, and my small impact at Hubpages has to help me to be a blogger online.

I hold a Bachelors of Arts degree in History and computer programming, and I am taken with six children.

I am interested in reading, writing and watching films, and making new friends.

In addition to the above, I am also interested in the internet system and how it is leverage to make money online via, internet marketing.

I also have a blog on both Blogger and WordPress where I made posts on several issues to sharpen my skill in writing and blogging. A recent blog being "Smart Passive Income For AdSense." I will weekly post on this blog about making passive income on the internet.

At blogger, I have fulfilled my posts and pages for Adsense. It remains yet for me to copy and paste the ad codes generated on my page.

Did you know that HubPages is one of the best online writing platforms with real significance?

HubPages is more interested in educating you to write better articles that will earn you some income more than a profit it can make online. Although there are other articles writing sites online that you can profit from, I invite you to try HubPages first here: Just press the "Join Now" button and you will be taken to fill all your personal details for an account.

Welcome to my world.