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Michael Richmond Duru

Michael Richmond Duru is an Igboman, from Amaulu in Mbieri.
Amaulu is a town in Mbieri. Mbieri is an ancient clan in Igboland.
The Igbo people are found along the coastline of the gulf of West Africa. Michael Richmond is a priest incardinated in the Archdiocese of Owerri.
His areas of interest are metaphysics, religion and society.
His fields of study are philosophy, theology and history.
He is currently doing postgraduate studies at the Faculty of History of the Pontifical Gregorian University, in Rome.

Michael Richmond believes in the pre-eminence of ‘humanity’ over and above our various forms and degrees of individuality: humanity as the spring of virtue – the virtue of care being the first; and humanity as a family – the family of man being the first. He believes that the family of man can do better than it has done. He believes the world would do better and be better off, should mankind give heed to her common humanity and common exigency in a common earth.

Michael Richmond believes in the native autonomy of nationalities and the ordinary sovereignty of all peoples - as the determinants of their own fate. He believes that the diversity of times and temperatures, of tribes and territories, of tongues and traditions, are nature’s enrichment strategy - a way of multiplying and beautifying creation with the blessings of plurality, plenty, variety, beauty. Michael believes that tribes and territories, places and peoples, should relate to the larger society - our common world - and contribute to humanity's common wellbeing, the common good of the human family, from the perspective of their respective uniqueness and from those riches and abilities particular to them.

As well, aware of the concurrence and complicity that it amounts to, as well as the maleficence and misadventure, it result in, when people - and chiefly, good people, enlightened people - stash their voices in the face of infamy or hide in safety away from tyranny, Michael also considers himself a commentator, a critic, sentinel, a picket or patrolman, a vigilante, a censor, a quibbler, a warden and watchman over the values and sanity of society. He speaks up in his little way. He refuses to allow misdemeanour have a spree in society without a run. He gives a trial, even if he does not succeed!

Michael Richmond has found himself as one among the many in the world of books! He believes that a cultured mind in a disciplined body is the richest treasurechest of the earth. He takes delight in researching, reading and writing and seeks, through these, to lend a little hand to the good task, of dredging and deepening, of organizing and systemizing, of codifying and conserving, the vault of man's treasures of knowledge - the utmost asset of man's civilization.

Michael Richmond Duru has authored three books and edited another three. He is the author of the inspirational book 'Everyone Matters: 50 Reasons We Should Care About Other People'. He has written several articles and essays on a wide range of topics, published in print or online in different magazines, journals and newspapers. He belongs to several writers' fora and book clubs. Michael speaks Igbo, English and Italian. He lives, studies and works in Rome.