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Melody Jade

Hi beautiful people!! I am an artist enthusiast, and a supporter of embracing all aspects of spirituality. I am a supporter of all things mental health, and breaking down the stigma that still surrounds this widespread topic. I am a believer in energy and the interconnectedness of all life, a believer of the Self, and of the beauty of life and the rewards of personal growth.

My journey has been one of many long roads, twisted paths, wrong turns, obstacles, bumps and bruises..but also of freedom and liberation, of light and joy and love, of learning and finding and exploring. It's my hope to connect with someone, on a spiritual level, someone who, may be struggling with a lot of self doubt, feelings of being alone, being worthless, hopeless and tired, unsure of where to go or what to believe. I want to connect with YOU, and share my love with you, my story with you, bring some hope in to your life. Because hope, hope endures all things. Hold On Pain Ends. My journey has been one of nonstop pain, and learning how to deal with it, accept it, heal from it, grow from it, give from it, Love from it.

So here's to life from my eyes. Here's to the journey.