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Melissa Reese Etheridge

I wrote my the beginnings of my first novel when I was in high school. It was a historical fiction love story set in Ireland.

I've been obsessed with Ireland since I lived in Germany as a teenager. I finally visited in the spring of 2013, and I was not disappointed. My new dream is to visit Scotland and Ireland. 

I'm an amatuer photographer and avid kayaker. Reading is my escape hatch; it always has been. I live in a small cottage with two tall teens and a tall husband. Three furry family members share the tiny abode. We're a bit crowded at times.

I've taught middle-school English for almost thirty years. I'm pretty much an expert at my job, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

I'm a Brat...I take great pride in saying that. I'm a child of the Fortress. I've served my country loyally and honorably. I would love to write about my Bratness more as I think the subculture is worthy of great attention.

While I've written for pleasure my entire life, I'm a Johnny-Come-Lately to getting paid for my writing. I'm looking forward to this part of my life.