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"Perfection, I know nothing about. I never claim 'knowledge' let alone superior knowledge. It works out better for me that way. I'd like to say I manage one language, but for the amount of misunderstanding that goes on between the words leaving my mouth meaning one thing and reaching someone's ears and meaning something completely different, well it happens all the time. Perhaps it is the air the words pass through that is the issue." mckbirdbks

I listen to your music.

Devour every word.

You proclaim your cup is empty,

which is totally absurd.

You flourish as a writer,

and have an artist eye.

You’ve penned a solemn passage;

which is keen as it is wry.

You gave us your reflection

from your [own] quiet pool.

We’re left sitting

while we ponder

our luck to find this jewel.

I’ll scream across the distance,

don’t allow your dreams to die.

The midnight hour is upon us,

and alas the bottles dry.