Mason Hearn

Im an odd lad with passions in things that are annoyingly hard to find elsewhere. I know others are there its just finding them.

I've been on a sort of quest for as long as i can remember. I know what i want, and for that i feel blessed. Alot of people live just to.. well. Not die. Living itself, for the sake of life is admirable, but that is not what drives these people. What i am referring to is living because dying is more scary. Because it is what everyone else does. Because you dont know what else to do...I know what what i want to do though!

My absolute passion is non-physical consciousness travel. I'm an oneironaut, occultist, and ARDENT supporter of anything to do with the realm of Out of body experiences, lucid dreaming, etc. Since i was a kid i had all these crazy ideas of things i wanted to do and was told that it is "impossible". I have to keep myself from really loathing the physical world at times because, for the most part, they are right. "Flesh is limiting" My soul has longed to take flight countless times only to be dragged down hard to the earth and told to sit, and stay.

But in these places..? No. Its like real life. I can see hear, feel, taste all of my crazy ideas. Its not some watered down metaphor. Its not "almost like real life" it IS a reality of its own. A place where nobody can say "that is impossible".

I would know. Ive been there. I have wandered places outside my physical form.

I have laughed joyfully falling at terminal velocity from thousands of feet in the air.

I have felt the touch of a loved one, and become confused as to which reality was "real".

I am a traveler on a quest, a Knight errant on a pilgrimage, a guy who really needs to get his head out of the clouds sometimes... ;)