Marwan Asmar

Writing is a pleasure, its a craft to be mastered. I am a writer, editor and former journalist but still feel every news task is an experience, as if you are siting on the computer for the very first time.

I have been writing since 1990 trying my hand and my head on just about anything from current affairs to daiy nitty-gritty issues and even covering music once (something which I know absolutely nothing about) as well as usual pieces on culture, society, politics and economics including book reviews.

I've come to the conclusion writing is an art you never master. Its an accumulation of experiences. I have been the managing editor of The Star English weekly in Amman, Jordan from 1993 till 2003, and worked in Gulf News, in Dubai, and later in the regional office of a media company based in Saudi Arabia. But a lot of the time I feel I am still a learner which might be a good thing because it means that the rut has not set in.

I have a Phd from Leeds University in the UK on "The State and Politics of Labour Migration in Kuwait which I received in 1990 but never worked in academia. Writing has become my stock-in-trade.

Presently I am working on a project to make people more aware of the importance of ancient theaters in the Euromed region of Jordan, Italy, Tunisia, Spain and Algeria. the website is